Monday, June 15, 2009

Mermaid Costume for Kindy

My twins had a Fancy Dress Day at Kindy today so I thought I would finally make Abbie her Little Mermaid Costume that I had planned to do for sometime....

She loves it especially the tail and I think she looks so cute....she loves her little stars on her little top....shame it is in winter though, so this little Ariel had to wear tights and a long sleeve shirt as well..

There is also a little pic of her Superman Hero who promised Mummy he would scare all the "badies" away today from Ariel because he loves her.....Precious!

Excuse the loose threads on the skirt...I only noticed them after I took the photos.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

EB Sewing Swap - June 2009

I am taking part in my very first EB Sewing Swap. The idea is to make a bag for someone you dont know using some of their personal preferences with colour etc... and post it off. In return someone who I dont know, will make one for me.

The opening date of the parcels is the 10th July so until that date I cant show a photo of the finished product but here is a sneak peak which is allowed.

I love the colours in this bag, I just hope my swap partner loves it as well.

Mothers Day Gifts

For mothers day this year I made my mother a PVC coated tote bag. I put a clear pvc on the outside of the material as she goes to the beach a fair bit and thought that she would be able to put it down on the sand without it getting wet and could then be wiped clean easily...she also uses it daily to carry their mail and some groceries in....Hope you like it mum.

A Special Outfit for a Special Girl

For my youngest daughters 4th Birthday I made her a new outfit for her birthday party...
I made the skirt as part of the EB Monthly Challenge and bought the long sleeve top and embellished it.

My First Projects

Whilst I was growing up I have always watched my mother sew....I remember her making me dresses for special occassions such as flowergirl or to attend my uncle's wedding in NSW and then lots of things for her first born grandchild. It was a skill I thought I would like like to learn so took Home Economics as a school subject. I did ok and remember making a pair of shorts here and there and then forgot all about sewing once I finished high school.

In view of my recent frustration over the years at buying gifts for my family "just because" and not because it was what I wanted to get them...I thought I would try my hand at sewing again so that I might be able to make personalised gifts for my family and friends....I bought a second hand sewing machine from a garage sale to find it didnt work, maybe this was a hint. At a visit to Spotlight one day, I noticed they had a simple sewing machine on sale for around $180.00 I bought it and took it home. From there I just googled and looked up free sewing tutorials and patterns and went to work...

I have to admit I have had a couple of minor learning points along the way which have led to me becoming a great friend with the unpicker however I am pleased to admit that these are getting fewer as I go along.

Here are the first things that I have learnt to make.
My very first project....was part of the EB Monthly Sewing Challenge.
The Margaret Bag..
I accidently printed the pattern in the wrong size and the bag turned out a little smaller that I wanted but apart from that it made a great 8th birthday present for one of my nieces.

My next gift was a birthday present for a very special Great Aunt. I made this bag lined with pink satin so that she would have something nice to take her with her when she went to play cards....

My next gift to make was for a friend of mine's little boys birthday he was turning 2. What does every little boy need when you are two.....a reversible Superman / Batman cape to run around with of course....(modelled here by my gorgeous boy)